My Communities

One of my communities is my swim team, the Highland Hurricanes. I have been swimming for almost seven years. I have lots of friends that I am very close to, and I have really great coaches. I am really thankful for my team.

I started learning to swim when I was around three years old, that’s where I met one of my best friend, Jourie. I started officially swimming when I was six. I got into swimming because of my brother who is a really great swimmer. He has won multiple state championships.

I have lots of friends from swimming. My best friends are Mya and Jourie. They are really good swimmers, too. My coaches name is Nick. He is a really amazing coach with a big heart, even though it doesn’t show sometimes. My assistant coaches are Art and Nick. They are always there for me when I need them.

My other community is my church. I go to Our Lady of Grace (OLG). I am an alter server. My church community is really nice. I also attend CCD, which is basically religion class for Roman Catholics.

Alter serving is fun, but it is a little scary. You basically have to help out the priest, and do other things around the church. There are usually two alter servers, but sometimes there is only one. I tend to go on days where I am the only alter server. I enjoy being by myself when I serve.

CCD is a way to learn more about your religion. I attend CCD on Tuesday night. Usually we eat, read from our book, and then discuss. My favorite part is the food, of course. In my class there are nine kids. There are six girls in my class and three boys. Sometimes it’s boring, but I have lots of friends there.

Another community I have is my volleyball team. This year I tried out for the local middle schools’ volleyball team. I made the team and I was a starter. I played right-side hitter. We had a really good outside hitter, middle hitter, and setter. We ended up doing pretty decent, but we lost in the semifinals of the postseason tournament.

My last community is my basketball team. My team is an AAU travel team. We are from 5th to 8th grade, but there is an A and B team. I am on the A team. I play center because I am really tall. I am 5’8. I can also play guard or forward. We have lots of complicated plays, which helps us win. We also have some trick plays. I love all of the people in this community.

All in all, my communities are pretty cool. From swimming, basketball, and volleyball to church, I have some great people in my communities. Sports get you fit physically, but church gets you fit spiritually. It would be hard letting go of any of these. I enjoy spending time, and hanging out with people from these communities. This is where all of my friends are.



My Favorite Movie

My favorite movie ever is When the Game Stands Tall. It is a football movie with lots of action and thrill. I really enjoyed it. It was a mix of positive and negative. There were some sad parts, but some happy parts too.

The movie is about De La Salle High School. The movie is about a football team that has never lost a game in like 4 years. I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone so I’ll leave it at that. It is a little bit of a tear jerker in the end, but it is really good. I have watched it 3 times already, and I would watch it again.

All in all, it is really well put together, and well produced. I would recommend it for all ages. It is rated PG, so it’s family appropriate. It was definitely the best movie that I have ever seen, and that I will ever see in my life.


Go Cubs Go


My favorite Major League Baseball (MLB) team is the Chicago Cubs. My favorite players are Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber, and Dexter Fowler. The Cubs won the World Series this year, for the first time in 108 years.

Kris Bryant is my favorite Cubs’ player. He is 24, and this is his second year in the MLB. He attended The University of San Diego for college. He is a right handed batter. His batting average for the 2016 season was .292, and he had 102 RBIs. Kris Bryant also has bromance with Anthony Rizzo. Together, they are Brizzo.

I also like Kyle Schwarber and Dexter Fowler. Dexter Fowler is a switch hitter with a batting average of .276. He had 48 RBIs this season. Kyle Schwarber was hurt for basically the whole season. His batting average was .000.

This year, the Cubs won the World Series. They beat the Cleveland Indians. Ben Zobrist was the MVP; he had the game-running RBI in Game 7. It was a nail-biting game. The game went into extra innings. There was a rain delay, and during that time Jason Heyward gave a speech to the players. They ended up winning 8 to 7. There was an estimated 5 million people at their championship parade.

All in all, the Cubs are a pretty amazing team with some really amazing players. The majority of their players are young and still have a long career ahead of them. Hopefully they will do excellent next year, and bring home another championship to Chicago.